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What is BIG Data
Hmmm, Let me think first !! Is it huge amount of data we are talking about.

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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing or compute for me. Let's find out what's behind the CLOUD

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chef vs puppet vs docker !! Which one is right for you or all of them !! Let's find out..

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Automatically update targets in Nessus Security Center scan with AWS…

install python security center module pip install pysecuritycenter install aws boto3 python module pip install boto3 import csv import boto3 import securitycenter # Connect to EC2 ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2','us-gov-west-1') # Get information…

15 Nov 2017 Automation zolan

Packer Build and share AMI in AWS

{ "builders": [ { "access_key": "{{user `aws_access_key`}}", "ami_block_device_mappings": [ …

07 Jul 2017 DevOps zolan

Free IT Certifications with training

IT certification is a best way to present your skill sets. Many large¬†companies¬†introduce their product certification like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Vmware etc. Here we will see a new type of certification…

06 Aug 2016 Featured zolan

chef tutorial for beginners

Chef is a configuration management system which transforms complex infrastructure into code. Chef automates how applications are deployed, configured and manage from a single location. At first look it feels…

22 Jun 2016 DevOps zolan

Apache Performance Enhancement Trick

Apache is most widely used web server in market. It's default configuration can be tricky for optimization. Apache performance enhancement trick is a quick way to understand what are the…

02 May 2016 Linux zolan

NginX configuration for codigniter or laravel

I have installed Codigniter, laravel like project many times in Apache, but when it's come to NginX it's may tricky becaue there are not .htaccess redirects. All things you have…

14 Apr 2016 Linux zolan

Backup and restore 389 Directory server

It's easy to backup and restore 389 directory server with 389 graphical console. But many times you want to backup a server which don't have GUI installed on it or…

16 Mar 2016 Linux zolan

Creating and managing swap file in Linux

swap is a virtual memory inside your Disk which holds inactive memory pages from RAM to improve system performance. There are many reasons why you want to add swap space in…

11 Mar 2016 Linux zolan

All About AWS EC2 service

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service allow us to create resizable server instances on the cloud. AWS EC2 service can create, remove, scale your instance capacity in a minute as…

24 Feb 2016 Cloud zolan

AWS Services Overview

Amazon Web Services is widely used IaaS platform. AWS offer approx 55 services and mastering each services is very difficult. Some services is made for Network engineers, some for developers,…

22 Feb 2016 Cloud zolan