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What is big data ?

Big data is an term not a software not a project. It used to describe the exponential growth of data. Data which is coming from various sources structured or not-structured having relations or no-relations. Big data technology is analyzing these data and making some useful.

There are three main factors of Big Data

Volume: Thousand of information floating around us like social media, calls, chats, weather information so on. Volume of these information is so high.
Velocity: Data streaming is in light speed like traffic cameras, phone calls, digital sensors, GPS and all these information is real-time. Processing all these information in real time an responding back in timely manner.
Variety: From past many years we are storing structured or numeric data in tradition databases and binary data in BLOB. Analyzing a BLOB data is hard and slow. Today Data comes in verity of formats like Audio, Video, Email, Images.

Why we need big data technology..
We don’t need !! But if you want to stay in business it will require. There are tons of data and with accurate analysis you can make a right decision.