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Packer Build and share AMI in AWS

{ “builders”: [ { “access_key”: “{{user `aws_access_key`}}”, “ami_block_device_mappings”: [ { “device_name”: “/dev/sdb”, “virtual_name”: “ephemeral0” }, { “device_name”: “/dev/sdc”, “virtual_name”: “ephemeral1” } ], “ami_description”: “cis:{{user `ami-name`}}”, “ami_name”: “{{user `ami-name`}}”, “ami_regions”: [ “us-west-1”, “us-west-2” ], “ami_users”: [ “your_aws_Account_numbers”, “XXXXXXXXXX” ], “enhanced_networking”: “true”,…

chef tutorial for beginners

Chef is a configuration management system which transforms complex infrastructure into code. Chef automates how applications are deployed, configured and manage from a single location. At first look it feels like a jargon of words but as you go deep…