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AWS create multiple public IP for EC2 instance.

I was working on AWS EC2 and i was surprised how can it be so tricky to configure multiple public IP for EC2 Instance.

Let me explain how does it work.

First AWS not provide you a static Public IP for your EC2 instance. By default it gives a DHCP address and gives a Dynamic DNS record for connecting to your instance.

In AWS Public static IP is call Elastic IP’s  and if you want to use static public IP then  you have to map it with your available private IP.

After creating Elastic IP your can attach them to your instance or with your Network interface.

Let’s follow the steps : –

AWS create multiple public IP for EC2 instance.

1.  Creating static public IP’s

Navigate to EC2 > Network and security > Elastic IP’s > Allocate New Address

2. Creating Private IP’s :

Navigate to your EC2 instance.

Select your EC2 instance > Action > Manage private IP address

Add private IP’s

3.  Assign private IP’s to your Interface

Naviage to Network and Security > Network interfaces

Select your network interface > Action > Associate address

In drop down select the Private IP’s address and map it to your Elastic IP.

4. Assign IP’s  in EC2 Instances.

By default our EC2 instace is configured for DHCP address so you need to configure your private IP’s as your static IP in you operating system. Changin the IP’s is vary depending on OS to OS.