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What is cloud computing ?

What is cloud computing ?

Everyone want to know these days. there are lot’s of definitions and views behind that but in a simple word.. Services ! yes online services which is accessible by different devices and places.

Let’s take an example, you are paying for mobile services whatever you used. You don’t care about how it will works. You don’t care what is satellite,  RF, channels and so on.

Cloud is also a service, you are using it and you don’t care what’s behind the scene.

you can store, manage and process your data from anywhere and from many different devices. You are storing your data on Google drive and can access it from any where in the world where internet is available.


dropbox-skydrive-googleWhy would i use cloud ?

Like i said, there are many big company who are providing cloud services in the form of storage, platform and software. You don’t need to bother about it. You can easily access your data from any device, you can work, save and share your data online and if will be safe. Your local system can be stolen and broken and can be crashed but if your work and data will be in cloud you don’t need to worry about it.

Why any company will use it ?cloud-infrastructure-640

Low cost infrastructure. Cloud has a philosphy “pay as you go” if you are staring a small copany you will require servers, software, storage and redundancy so your business will go smooth. With cloud you will get all these things just in a one click. You can take services from cloud providers on monthly or hourly basis. You will scale your business and get the low cost infrastructure if you need to upgrade it you can do just with with the one click.

There are lots of different services which are now a part of cloud computing like.

SaaS: Software as a service.
Paas: plateform as services.
Iaas: infrastruture as a service.

or we can say
XaaS : anything as a service.