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Free IT Certifications with training

IT certification is a best way to present your skill sets. Many large companies introduce their product certification like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Vmware etc.

Here we will see a new type of certification series which is more valuable compare to some paid certifications. This certification more likely based on fundamentals and conceptual and not related to specific products or services.

CloudU: Free Cloud certification from RackSpace


RackSpace is an Cloud hosting provider popular for managed hosting. Rackspace just celebrated with Ben Kepes very well know name in cloud industry, to launch a training and certification program.

Recently they have launched the CloudU program for free learning and certification. This program mainly focus on cloud technologies fundamentals and how to utilize them inside a company. This is not a touch exam if you are already a IT professional and familiar with Virtualization and cloud computing fundamentals

IPv6: Free IPV6 certifications from Hurricane Electric.


Hurricane Electric is global internet service provider as well data centers. They providers largest IPV6 transit network globally. Hurricane Electric offers an IPv6 tunnel broker service providing free connectivity to the IPv6 Internet via 6-in-4 IPv6 transition mechanisms

The company also provides an IPv6 certification program to further education and compliance in IPv6 technology. Compare to objective this certification is more likely a simulation based on real life scenario, where you have to configure servers and creating DNS records based on IPv6 mechanism.

Virtualization and data protection: Free data protection training and certification from Veeam

Backup Academy Certified

If you are in Virtuliazation, Veeam is an well known name for backup and disaster recovery solution. They provide complete set of enterprise tool for Backup and managing your data centers and connect with cloud providers.

Veeam has sponsored the creation of a FREE community resource site that provides training on basic principles of virtualization and data protection.  This content will initially be released as eight tracks, each with a specific theme that helps deliver the fundamental principles of data protection for virtual machines.

Free certifications, is it a future ?

As more and more technologies are introduce these days, it’s not possible for an IT professional to do all certifications. Free IT certifications bring a new era for IT professionals. As these certifications based on fundamentals and conceptual, it’s more likely show how much you understand technologies compare to products.