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Major differences in RHEL6 and 7

This time RedHat really made some big changed in RHEL. I have just installed it and find that most of the command i was using not available. File system, Boot-loader, service management everything has changed. Hear is just a quick look what’s  differences in RHEL6 and 7

Most of newly features are default in RHEL7 but they can be replaced according your requirement.

Major differences in RHEL6 and 7

Features RHEL6 RHEL7
System Manager SysV(UpStart) SystemD
Kernel Version 2.6 3.10
 File System  EXT4 XFS
 BootLoader Grub 0.9 Grub2
 Firewall IPTables FirewallD
 DeskTop Env Gnom2 Gnom3
 Default Database MySQL5 MariaDB5
 Apache 2.2 2.4
 PHP 5.2 5.4

Changes in Networking

Features RHEL6 RHEL7
NIC Teaming NIC Bonding  Team Driver
Load Balancer Piranha HAProxy
Cluster Management Rgmanager Pacemaker

Changes in Commands

 Features RHEL6 RHEL7
 FileSystem Repair  fsck  xfs_repair
service management service/chkconfig systemctl
 network management ifconfig nmcli

Changes in file and directory structure

 Feature RHEL6 RHEL7
Default Runlevel /etc/systemd/system/ /etc/inittab
Binary and lib bin, /sbin, /lib, and /lib64 under / filesystem //bin, /sbin, /lib, and /lib64 now under /usr
Service Location /etc/init.d /etc/systemd/system
Hostname File /etc/sysconfig/network /etc/hostname

Changes in run-level

In RHEL7 Runlevel is called the targets and can be configured by /etc/systemd/system/

 Feature RHEL6 RHEL7
Runlevel runlevel 0
runlevel 1
runlevel 2
runlevel 3
runlevel 4
runlevel 5
runlevel 6

For more information please refer to RHEL7 Release notes

RHEL7 Release Notes