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What is shell scripting an introduction

What is shell scripting, before dig deep into this let’s refresh some of the basics we need to understand.

What is Linux ?

Linux is a Core or Kernel which communicate with computer hardware.

What is Shell ?

Shell is a command line interpreter, which interpreate the command and send it to Linux Kernel. Linux Kernel perform the operation on computer hardware and sends back to shell.

What is Linux Operating systems.

As we talked earlier Linux is just a kernel which is free and open source. Many companies, organizations and community created operating based on Linux kernel. They are called Linux operating systems or Linux distributions.

Which Linux distribution should i use.

There and hundreds of Linux distributions and for the beginners it always a hard choice. Always remember Linux is derived from Unix as like BSD and Solaris. So working on all of them pretty much same. They all share most of commands and utilities so it won’t make much different if you are working with commands in any Linux distribution and Unix.

What is shell scripting ?

Shell scripting is a sequence of command written in a text file. This file is called the script file and the art of writing it, is  called shell scripting.

Linux KernelWhy it’s so important.

Automation, Yes ! If you are a Linux admin there are plenty repetitive tasks you can script those tasks in a shell script and this can be automated via CRONTAB. It’s also very useful for end users they also can create shell scripts for backup, downloads and system cleanup.

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