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Features will amaze you in windows10

Microsoft announced it’s next windows release windows10 and it’s preview available for download.  Microsoft’s window10 will run on many Microsoft devices including desktop, mobile, tablet and servers.

Microsoft windows10 bring really some cool features, let’s dig deeper into it..

1. Start Button with tiled interface

If you tired with windows8 tiled interface, windows10 bring all you need. Windows 10 comes with combination of old style start menu with tiled interface. You can resize it and personalize it according your style. It also include windows8 like universal search with additional web search result.

2. Spartan web browser

Microsoft going to discontinue it’s legacy browser Internet explorer in Windows10 and going to launch new browser call Spartan Project into it. After using it it’s looks like Microsoft is just started competing with Google Chrome.

3. Windows Phone 10

Action Center upgrade and it’s more look like Androids actions center. Notifications, browser  and setting menus also been improved.

4. Multiple desktops

Like Linux Gnome or Mac-osX Microsoft launched multiple desktop in Windows10. You can rum different application in different Desktop and can switch between them. New “Sanp Assist” UI will also help to grab application from different desktop.

5. Universal apps

Windows 10 uses new app model call Universal Windows App. All your devices run same app with same windows app store even you are working on Phone, Windows Desktop or Server.

Windows 10 Universal App

6. 21fst century command prompt

Microsoft updated the command prompt in windows10.

7. Cortana Personal Assistant

Now contana not just limited to Windows phone. If you never used for you contana is a personal assistant like Google voice search, if you ask it to search for anything it will search your Computer and One drive for relevant information.

8. Free Upgrades

What you call it a feature or not but upgrade is  going to free for 1 year for windows7 and windows8 users. An estimated consumer release will be in this year 2015.


Continuum is windows10 UI, pritty much looks like combination of Windows8 tiled interface and windows lagacy start menu. It’s an hybrid experience and automatically adjust it’s size according to use.

 Wait, it’s all this just started.. Windows10

Microsoft already announced that, all this in early stage and lot more features to come.