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Kill all process of a program Windows

Many times you face a problem like multiple process of chrome browser and when you kill a process from task manager other process of same program still persist. You need a way to kill all process at once.

If you get tired of killing process of same program again and again in task manager here is a way to kill all process by a single command.

  • Just check name of your process in task manager
  • and enter this command in task manager.

Check process name in task manager

Task Manager  Notepad

Kill all process of a program Windows.

taskkill /F /IM <processname.exe> /T

/F : Forcefully terminate
/IM : Image name or process name
/T : Terminate process and child processes
replace processname.exe with your program name found in task manager.

taskkill /F /IM  notepad.exe /T

taskkill all process notepad