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Add cmd or application in context menu

A context menu is a menu which appears upon user interface such as right mouse click in a directory which populate a options related to directory. We often need to open cmd and navigate to directory which we are working on. This is really a great idea if we just found open directory with cmd or any other explorer application. This is really easy to add cmd or application in context menu of a directory.

Here is a registry trick how can you add CMD or other application on directory context menu.

Navigate to run  and open  regedit.exe if you don’t know how to do it just press Windows and  r key (Win+R) and type regedit. It will open registry editor

Expand the hierarchy and navigate to


On shell key, right click and add a new key, give it a name like command or CMD Here

context menu - 1

On right side open default REG_SZ and assign a value which you want to show in context menu

Context menu - 2

create a new key under your current context menu and name it command

assign an application which you want to open wit, in our case we want to open cmd, on current directory

Context menu - 3

cmd.exe /k cd %1

Close Registry editor and when you right click on any directory you will see and option “cmd here“.

If you are lazy as me you can download registry here and add just open it.