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Download Google Drive files with wget

Recently my developer shared a large file with me on Google drive. I need to upload that code on my Linux server. As i having a slow internet connection it will take too much time to download from google drive and upload it to my Linux server. I was looking for a way to directly download Google Drive files with wget  on my Linux box. And after googling a lot i have find a way which i am going to share with you..

Share your Google Drive files publicly : Google require authentication before downloading anything from Gdrive, You need to make your share public before downloading it.

Copy the share URL: Copy the share URL and find your document or files unique ID

Google Drive Wget

Download file using wget without checking the certificate file.

wget --no-check-certificate[YourID] -O

i.e.: Download Google Drive files with wget and save as

wget --no-check-certificate -O

If you are having different file format you can specify that file while downloading the file like mydown.rtf, mydown.docx and so on.