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What is torrent and how to use it

What is torrent ?

Bit torrent or in short torrent is a system, network or protocol for file sharing. In this mechanism you  download data form system who already downloaded the same file. There are some terminology that you should aware of.

seeders : Who completed the download and still sharing there downloaded file.

peers : Not completed the download but  sharing their download file chunks.

leechers : leechers are those who are downloading form you and you are downloading from them.

tracker : Tracker is service which maintain seeders and peers online. In short who is downloading and who is sharing the same torrent.

torrent file : Torrent files are small file that contain information about file you going to download and location of trackers.

torrent client: torrent client is a software which use torrent file for downloading file though it’s tracker. example : Utorrent or BitTorrent

Magnet link: Magnet link is same as torrent file but in format of URL which contain  hash information about the torrent. Easy to use just use url in your torrent client rather that download torrent file.


How to use torrent.

It’s pretty simple as knocking a door. You just need two things a torrent file and a torrent client.

Download any torrent client you like, as per my recommendation i like Utorrent or BitTorrent both are lightweight and rich features.

Install your torrent client.

Now you need a torrent file. There are lot’s of torrent website you can download torrent from. like

Or you can use torrent search engine like

Search you torrent like movies, songs software and get the torrent file from download button.

Select torrent file which have enough seeders and peers for faster download. More seeders in a torrent more speed you will get.

Open your torrent file in your torrent client software and it’s done. “Happy Downloading