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All in one RDP, SSH, VNC, TELNET, rlogin remote Client

mRemoteNG, All in one remote client that support wide range of remote access protocols including RDP, SSH, VNC, TELNET and rLogin.

Let’s have a look how to install and use it.

Download mRemoteNG from

After installation launch mRemoteNG form you program’s list OR alternativly you can download an portable version and can extract it on anyware on our computer.

After launching the mRemoteNG navigate to Tools> Components Check

mRemoteNG Check


Screen should look like this

mRemoteNG Check List


If there is any components missing follow the steps

RDP session : Register mRemoteNG library. Open your command prompt with administrative privileges and navigate to your mRemoteNG installation directory.

mRemoteNG register

Gecko (Firefox) Rendering Engine : Download from here

ICA Client : Download and install ICA receiver from Citrix website.

Let’s add some remote connections

Navigate to your connection tab, right click and add a new connection.

mRemoteNG new connection

In the config are put your connection settings

mRemoteNg Connection Settings

Your friendly name for Your connection in connection name

Hostname or IP address of your remote server

Your Username and Password

Connection Protocol

Connection port. If you don’t know your port leave it to default.


Just right click on your connection and click on connect. All done