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Share Mouse and Keyboard with multiple Computers

Have you ever wonder, if you can share Mouse and Keyboard with multiple Computers.

Yes, I am an administrator only have dump server without any mouse and keyboard attached. Or you can share if you have multiple devices on one desk like, multiple system or laptops with single mouse and keyboards.

There are two tools which i recommend.

Mouse without borders  : It’s a microsoft product for sharing mouse and keyboard with multiple systems.

Key features :

  • Share mouse and keyboards
  • Copy and paste files between shared systems.
  • Copy and paste clipboard items.

Installation and configuration :

  • Download install Mouse without border in your Microsoft System.
  • Configure the security key it’s just a password and should be same on all sharing systems.
  • Click on Apply and system will share the mouse and keyboard they have.

Mouse Without Borders



Synergy : Synergy is a community based software for sharing mouse and keyboard.

Key features

  • Works on all major Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Share clipboard and files between systems
  • Encryption for sharing data.

Installation and configuration

  • Download and install it on your system.
  • First Check You are sharing current system’s keyboard or mouse or using shared mouse and keyboard on other system.

Synergry 1

  • Click on configure server and specify location of your system’s position.

synergry 2

  • On other system specify the IP address of your sharing system.











It’s All done.