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01-Before we begin

Brief history of Linux

1964 : There was only  main frames computer works on assembly languages. Bell labs frustrated with their mainframe limitations no multitasking no multiprocessing what they have is batch processing. because of written in assembly code was machine dependent and no standard functionality
Bell lebs started a project call multics(“Multiplexed Information and Computing Service”) and this was aimed for time sharing operating system means multitasking and multiprogramming.
Multics aim was right but it was a huge scale project.
Ken thompson and dennis richi started their own small scale project call unics.
1970    they got an standard os call unix a small scale project of multics.
Dennis Ritchie  developed a new programming language for unics.
1972    Whole code of unics is rewritten in c programming which make it standard and portable.
1974    Berkeley created a new release based on unix call Berkeley Software Distribution.

1983    Richard Stallman initiated a project all GNU for free software distribution and code authority.
1984    Bell Labs began selling Unix as a proprietary product.
1987    minix(mini unix) was releasd based on unix micro kernel.
1991    Linus torvalds was frustrated with minix licensing which is limited for educational purpose only. He created it’s own unix like kernel for x86 devices inspired by minix kernel.