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Manage free ESXi Hypervisor through Web

I was looking for a way to manage my free ESXi from a browser not with legacy vSphere client. As we know there isn’t any web client available for free hypvervisor, but at vmware labs i found a way to install a web client on free hypervisor. This way you can Manage  free ESXi Hypervisor through Web.
some of the features of web client

  • manage VM’s (create, delete, start, stop)
  • configure networking.
  • configure host services.
  • manage event and notifications.

Let’s install and configure your web client on esxi free hypervisor.

Requirement: root access on esxi with ssh console.

Login into your ESXi host console via SSH. and download the VIB into ESXi

 [root@Acid01:~]cd /tmp

For esxi 5


For esxi 6

 [root@esxi:/tmp]unzip esxui-*.zip
 [root@esxi:/tmp]esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/vib20/esx-ui/VMware_bootbank_esx-ui_0.0.2-0.1.3172496.vib

navigate to browser, and login with your credentials.

ESXi Web Client Login

After login you will see the web control center fro your ESXi server.

ESXi Web Client Manage

Now it’s time to play with your server from web

More information can be found here..

If you are getting 404 not found or service unavailable error, open the endpoints file and remove the line starting from /ui.

# vi /etc/vmware/rhttpproxy/endpoints.conf

Restart the service and check if it’s working for you.

# /etc/init.d/rhttpproxy restart

Open in your browser : https://<esxi_server_ip>/ui/

don’t’ forget to put and trailing slash at the end of URL