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VMware Hypervisor introduction

What is a Hypervisor ?

A software package installed in a system or hardware for Virtulization. Hypervisor emulate the resources like  memory, cpu, usb, peripheral devices to a virtual machine.

Types of Hypervisor

We can categorize hypervisor into tow category..

  • Bare matel or Type1: Hypervisor running on top of hardware. It’s only contain software package which provide the layer, to host virtual machine. i.e. esxiESXi Hypervisor
  • Hosted or Type2: Hypervisor works top of the operating system like Windows or Linux. So we can use applications installed in a Operating system with our Hypervisor. i.e. VirtualBox, VMware workstation and GNS3ESX Hypervisor

VMware Hypervisor types

  • ESX (Elastic Sky X): ESX is a Type1 Hypervisor works on the top or RedHat operating system. In ESX, VMkernel or Virtulization kernel is managed by the
    Service console also called shell in Linux OS’s. Benefit of service console it provide lot of management agents and third party software to be integrated with Hypervisor. These software agent enhance the functionality of monitoring, hardware management and fault tolerance etc.
  • ESXi (Elastic sky X Integrated): This is a type of Bare metal Hypervisor provided free from Vmware. Difference is service console is removed or there is no other operating system works side by side with VMkrnel. All the agents is run directly into VMkernel. Because their is no service console third party agents and enhancement is less.

How to manage a Hypervisor

VMware VSphare client : VMware VSphare client is a lagacy windows software used to connect and manage a VMware Hypervisor. (Free)

VMware VSphare server : If you have data-center it’s not feasible to connect individual server and perform operation. VSphare server provides a centralized web platform to manage all ESXi server and VM”s. (Paid)